Our Human Resources Policy

Our aim is always taking into account the interests of the country; to grow, develop and provide employment.

Why Tutku Metal?

  • Our young and dynamic staff.
  • Our fast growing structure.
  • Our constantly evolving possibilities.
  • Happy and productive working environment.
  • Our perspective that respects universal values.

Strategic Career and Talent Management

For the continuation of Tutku Metal's success, we are advancing with a clear career strategy that we train our own leaders from our own organization. A career planning process is carried out to identify senior positions and potential talents and to create the necessary backup pool, providing equal opportunities to every employee. Career planning is an ongoing process where we can develop our employees in their own fields so that we can reach our future goals.

Training and Development

Training and development activities are considered as an investment for Tutku Metal employees. The training programs planned with the aim of continuous improvement are always carried out by taking into account the up-to-date approaches in order to enable our employees to adapt to changing conditions. Vocational training, leadership training and personal development training for the development of our employees are provided in a planned and programmed manner in line with our strategy. Our aim with the trainings given is to enable the employees to improve themselves and thus to show high performance.


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+90 344 502 01 82

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Center Factory

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